Our Vission

 Providing quality modern education to the students and to make learning a joyous experience.

 Transforming the subject teachers into effective,contributing and result oriented professionals.

 Upgradation of competency level of teachers by providing them content enrichment programme in order to facilitate better academic performance.

 Optimum use of computer by the staff in teaching-learning process and other areas of activities.

 Exploring the talent of thr student in games,sports and fine arts and to provide them better scope for nurturing their talent.

 Enabling the staff and students to think and act scientifically.

 Optimum use of information technology to enrich the global outlook of students.

 Developing self discipline among students in the vidyalaya and ensure peaceful atmoshphere

 To be sensitive towards needs and problems of staff & students.

 To bring awareness among staff and students regarding environmental education.

 Establish transparency in all procedures.

 Enrichment of infrastructure

 To maintain such kind of environment in the campus where all Stakeholders may feel pride in their work area.

 To strengthen level of trust and belongingness among staff & students

 Implementation of C.C.E in its true spirit.

 Development of sceintific spirit and sensitivity to nature.

Our Mission

In Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas, all out efforts are made to develop competencies among students in scholastic and non-scholastic areas of education which leads to effective personality development of each child. Indicated below in the comparison of average pass percentage of NVS that of other school systems like Kendriya Vidyalayas and independent schools wherein Navodaya’s average pass percentage is significantly higher than the national average of other schools affiliated to CBSE.